Split dataset to Train and Test

Files are in a folder, and I like linux commands

The easiest way to do this is using the linux awk command. Suppose you have a file called in.csv or a directory of files that look like

├── in1.csv
├── in2.csv
├── .
├── .
└── in2000.csv

… and assuming the delimiter used is a comma (,), and you want to select the first three columns, do

!awk '{if( rand() <= 0.2){ print $0 > "test_data.csv"} else {print $0 > "train_data.csv"}}' Folder/in*csv

That's it!

To count the number of lines in the resulting csv files, do:

wc -l <filename>

How about in Python?

from numpy.random import RandomState
import pandas as pd

df = pd.read_csv('C:/Dataset.csv')
rng = RandomState()

#For a 70-30 split
train = df.sample(frac=0.7, random_state=rng)
test = df.loc[~df.index.isin(train.index)]


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