Forecast inference

Make sure you saw this link for training first.

Once the training is complete or predictor is in “ACTIVE” state, and you are satisfied by its metrics, you can use it to create a forecast.


aws forecast create-forecast \
--forecast-name myforecast \
--predictor-arn arn:aws:forecast:<region>:<acct-id>:predictor/mypredictor

When the forecast is “ACTIVE”, you can query it to get predictions. You can export the whole forecast as a CSV file, or query for specific lookups.


aws forecastquery query-forecast \
--forecast-arn arn:aws:forecast:<region>:<acct-id>:forecast/myforecast \
--start-date <YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS> \
--end-date   <YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS> \
--filters '{"item_id":"<value>"}'

To export the whole forecast as a CSV file to your S3 bucket:


aws forecast create-forecast-export-job \
--forecast-export-job-name myforecast_exportjob \
--forecast-arn arn:aws:forecast:<region>:<acct-id>:forecast/myforecast \
--destination S3Config="{Path='s3://<bucket>',RoleArn='arn:aws:iam::<acct-id>:role/<Role>'}"

Make sure sure the IAM role you provide has permission to write data to your S3 bucket

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